Colorgel HAMMX

Credit goes to Scouto for the featured picture.


Name :Colorgel HAMMX

Creator : Scouto

Length : 19 cm

Weight : Heavy, about 18 / 19 g

Insert / Outsert : No

Link : Colorgel HAMMX

Making : A bit hard

Pens list :

1 Colorgel ( Tip + Grip + Body + InkTube )
1 G3 ( Cap )
1 G2 ( Back Parts )
1 HGG ( Tip )
1 Signo ( Tip )
1 SGM/Anyball/Profille ( Grip )
1 Piece of grip
Tutorial :
1- Remove the grip and the tip of Colorgel and file the small bump at the front. Put back the tip of Colorgel and attach the tip of  HGG above.
2- Shorten a little the inktube of the Colorgel and put it back upside down in the body.  
3- Cut 4.5cm of the back part of G2 from the screw thread. Put it at the front of the Colorgel
Put an insert if you want. Add a grip at the front, on the G2 part. The front part of the pen is ended.
4- Break the clip of the cap of G3 and file. Take the grip of Colorgel and put the base of the tip of Uniball Signo in the grip.
5- Push slightly the grip on the bottom of Colorgel and push the cap of G3 on it. Put a piece of grip of your choice on the cap (as for myself I took a piece of grip of another Colorgel).
–  Comment :
The look reminds exactly a little the RSVP MMx. 


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