Tip Testing Technique

Here’s a few techniques that people have used in modding when stacking tips. When you are on a budget and want to try different pens but cannot buy every tip many times this guide should help. Here I will tell you all the pros and cons to each from my modding experience and explain which one I prefer

1. Super glue. the most common method to gluing tips. of course the instant down side is that you cannot unglue them afterwards. it keeps the mod more pure and true to it’s weight when using super glue, the only thing you may want to be aware of is that you should try to super glue the tips on as straight as possible A quick tip, buying more expensive super glue is generally not worth it as it just takes longer to dry such as fancy gel ones. Keep it simple, don’t over complicate things This way it will keep the Center of Gravity of the pen better from my experience with specific mods.

2. Tape, pretty self explanatory the more old way that some JEB spinners have kept tips together. I personally am not as much of a fan of this method because the more tape you add it can add unwanted weight and when following tutorials online, most just tape up the tips and don’t measure how much tape they used Another down side is that you will need to clean the tips from all the sticky residue if you decide that a mod you are crafting is not for you

3. Sticky Tac! an excellent choice to test if you like a mod’s tips stack and fairly easy cleaning process. You can even use this as a way to add some extra weight to rebalance out a mod too similar to how tek made his yelo mod the only problem you will need to be aware of is that you will need to pull an even amount of sticky tac for each tip you are trying to apply on and it will add a lot of unintentional weight

4. Hot Glue, a fast easy cleaning process. most likely has the lowest problems when testing for a mod. the only minor thing to be aware is that this method should not be taken as a future proof method to keeping tips together because after dropping a pen many times the hot glue can become weaker Also using too much hot glue will add unwanted weight Final judgement: I personally like to use hot glue to test weight and then if I like a mod, I will take the tips apart and super glue it afterwards to keep the mod true to it’s weight personally.

I hope these different methods were helpful and informative! Feel free to @ me on what I can do better as well!

Thank you for taking the time to read this

EXTRA: How do I remove tips without damaging them if they are super glued?

Ahead of time i would like to say that if you are attempting to take apart a tip stack with plastic tips involved. I honestly do not know how to. An example is the g3 plastic tip, as the current method I use to remove old tip stacks will PERMANATELY damage hard plastic pens (aka clear pens such as rsvp and g3)

First of all, Find a container that you can dispose of, acetone is extremely harmful to the human body long term, so please be aware and careful. also note to be aware of where you pour the acetone as if you spill it on other objects, it can damage them (personal experience: It has ruined my hard surface mouse pad completely)

let the tips soak in acetone for about 5 mins or so again, please note that if you are removing a plastic tip, that it will be ruined and to keep the container away from you to protect yourself.

after about 5 mins, remove them and keep a paper towel just in case

finding the stock body for the original tip to the pen always helps to keep the parts stable so you can pull them apart, and needle nose tweezers can be helpful just be aware that using tweezers it can scratch the tips if you aren’t careful generally i like to use a paper towel as shown to pull them off

as a quick demonstration as you can see acetone will burn hard plastic when i was removing the HGR tip from the stack. be careful, be aware

and there you have it! after some bending back and forth with a paper towel you have successfully removed your old super glued tip stack As a quick note I do want to say that this process should be done as fast as possible, because the faster the acetone dries, the harder it will become to clean off the super glue residue. If you want to clean off the residue fully on the outside of the tip, place the tip back in the container and try and clean it off that way. it should chip off slowly and fairly easily. as to cleaning the inside of the tip i will say it is extremely difficult and you are going to need some needle nose tweezers to scrape off the super glue residue

and there you have it a cleaned off tip

Results of hard plastic VS Acetone

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