Oribia Fitline

Featured picture : credit goes to Mina.

– Name : Oribia Fitline

– Creator : Oribia

– Length : 21.5 cm

– Weight : 22 g

Insert : No

– Difficulty : Medium

– Stuff :

– 2 Pentel Fitline(Barrel)
– 2 Pilot Vega Gel(Grip)
– 1 Pilot Supergrip(Grip)
– 2 Pilot Opt Mechanical Pencil (Grip, Tip)
– 1 Daiso Highlighter/Dong-a Comssa(Barrel)
– 1 Fabrico Emboss(Small Cap)
Random Decorative Grip Rings

– Tutorial :

1- Empty out your Pentel Fitline marker and cut off the tip.

2- Cut your Daiso Highlighter/Dong-a Comssa to 6.4 cm.

3- Cut your Emboss Small Cap to 14 mm.

4- Cut out two 1 ring sections from your Pilot Supergrip.

5- Place your Emboss Small Cap and Pilot Supergrip Sections on the Daiso Highlighter/Dong-a Comssa barrel as shown, then connect your Fitline barrels.

6- Cut your Vega Gel grips by cutting off the ridged section from the smooth section.

7- Orient your Opt grip as shown, place the tip inside so it is flush with the edge of the grip, then place the ridged section of Vega so it also sits flush with the edge.

8- Place some decorative grips onto the Fitline barrels. (I chose to use two 1 ring sections of Sailor grip and one 6 mm section of Dr Grip per side.)

9- Place your tip package onto the barrel and adjust your decorative grips if necessary.


– Comment :
Despite being 21 grams, this mod does not feel dense in the slightest. I recommend this mod for those who like longer, thicker mods for general spinning. It is comparable to Ennis Emboss in the way that it feels.

**Note** The original version used mechanical pencil tips. I have chosen to use Opt Ballpoint instead. If you choose to use the MP version, the mod will be heavier. Listed weight is with MP tips.

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