Everchix Comssa

Featured picture : credit goes to Mina.

– Name : Everchix Comssa

– Creator : Everchix

– Length : 20.5 cm

– Weight : 19 g

Insert : No

– Difficulty : Medium

– Stuff :

– 1 Dong-a Comssa
– 2 Pilot Supergrip(Grip)
– 2 Pentel HGG(Tip)
– 2 Dong-a Anyball (Grip)
– 2 Ohto Needlepoint(Grip)
– 8 Pen’zGear Rings
– 1 Pentel RSVP(Inktube)

– Tutorial :

1- Empty the Comssa barrel and insert the RSVP inktube through the front. (Backplug is not shown in the image but make sure you have it in yours)

2- Place HGG tip onto the Comssa cap as if you were making a metallic comssa.

3- Cut two 4 ring sections of Supergrip and place them onto your Comssa cap.

4- Cut one 1 ring section of Anyball from the front, and one 5 ring section of Anyball from the back. Save your 5 ring section, then place the 1 ring section on the Comssa cap above the Supergrip sections.

5- Take the leftover smooth section of Supergrip from before and place it non-lip side first onto the Comssa cap, above the 1 ring section of Anyball.

6- Take 4 PenzGear rings and place them inside the smooth section of Supergrip, surrounding the HGG tip.

7- Take the 5 ring section of Anyball you set aside from step 4, and place it on top of the two 4 ring sections of Supergrip.

8- Take your Needlepoint grip and put it over the 1 ring section of Anyball as well as the smooth section of Supergrip.

9- Repeat this process with the other cap, and then place the caps onto the Comssa.


– Comment :
This mod is quite dense for the barrel thickness, but personally, I enjoy spinning this mod. I recommend stretching out the grips a lot and using some sort of lubricant to help you get the grips onto the caps.


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