KacoGreen Grip Aviaire (KG GA)

Featured picture : credit goes to Mina.

– Name : KakoGreen Grip Aviaire (KG GA)

– Creator : Megas

– Length : 22 cm

– Weight : 18 g

Insert : No

– Difficulty : Easy

– Stuff :

– 2 KakoGreen Pure(Barrel)
– 2 Stalogy/TUL Mechanical Pencil(Metal tip)
– 2 Pilot G2(Grip)
– 1 Bic Round Stic(Barrel)

– Tutorial :

1- Disassemble both your KG pens and cut them from the clip side to 9.9 cm. (You can use the inktube of the KG to push out the clicker mechanism)

2- Place your Stalogy/TUL MP tips into the KG barrels. **If you use Stalogy tips you will have to tape the threads to make them snug in the KG barrels. Furthermore, if you use TUL MP tips, it may be easier to do step 3 before step 2.**

3- Take your G2 grips and place them over the tips like so.

4- Cut a section of Bic Round Stic and connect the two KG halves together.


– Comment :
If you like grippy barrels, but don’t like the thinness of Flexgrip, this mod is for you. KG barrels are quite cheap and if you live in the USA, TUL MP tips/G2 grips are easy to find.

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