Hybrid Wisp Pen Mod

Name : HWPM

Creator : bokK

Length : 19.7 cm

Weight : 13 – 14 g

Insert / Outsert : No

Link : Hybrid Wisp Pen Mod

Making : Difficult

Pens list :

2 G2 ( 2 Grips + 1 Bodies + 1 Clicker )
1 HGG ( All parts without grip )
1 Flexgrip Ultra ( spring)
Tutorial :
1- Completely dismantled pens.
2- Cut the HGG at the location of the grip, after the bump, and remove the colored part on the back of G2 by breaking the clip.
3- Take off all the part in the HGG cap : remove the rubber bottom of the cap, remove the clip and file.
4- Put the spring of Flexgrip Ultra in the cap of HGG, put HGG inktube in the cap and in the spring, put tape around a toothpick (around 4cm) and put it in the back of inktube of the HGG.
5- Put the body of HGG so that the back of the pen is clipped in the cap and a bit of tape at the front. Put the G2 clicker into the back of the G2, on the HGG front.
6- The most fun, get out the cream / lubricant, and put in a lot on the rear and the front of the mod, so you can put easily the grips on.
–  Comment :
I added this mod because I find it quite a mod aesthetic retractable (this stuff is perfect for class).

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    Un outsert ne serait pas du luxe. Ce mod semble moche dans le tuto, je trouve, mais quand on voit celui de Neptune dans le concept pimp my mod Oo
    Vraiment un look qu’on eput améliorer!!!