Menowa* Prize Mod

Featured picture : credit goes to Mina.

– Name : Menowa* Prize Mod

– Creator : LostAngelus

– Length : 21 cm

– Weight : 18.4 g

Insert : No

– Difficulty : Easy

– Stuff :

– 2 Japanese Dr. Grip Shaker(Grip)
– 2 Pentel RSVP(Grip)
– 2 Rubber O-Rings
– 1 Sailor Gel Grip

– 2 TUL Mechanical Pencil(Tips)
– 2 Pentel Color Twin(Cap)
– 1 Tulip Chisel Tip Marker

– OPTIONAL: Foil Tape 
– Tutorial :

1- Cut the Dr. Grip grips from the non-lip side to 1.5 cm

2- Cut your Sailor Gel grip into two 3 ring sections, and two 2 ring sections.

3- Cut your Pentel RSVP grips to 0.4 cm.

4- Cut the tip off your Tulip Chisel Tip Marker and remove the barrel’s print.

5- Take your TUL Mechanical Pencil tips and remove the lead holding mechanism contained inside the tips.

6- Hollow out your Color Twin caps and place the TUL tips in so that they are inverted.

7- Place one rubber o-ring into the top of the CT cap.

8- Put the 2 ring section of Sailor Gel onto the CT cap, followed by the 1.5 section of Dr. Grip grip.

9- Place the 3 ring section of Sailor Gel inside the Dr. Grip grip, then place your .4 cm of RSVP grip into the Sailor Gel.

10- Repeat this construction for the other cap if you have not already done so.

11- Place caps onto Tulip barrel. (You may need to sand down the back end of the Tulip Barrel if it doesn’t fit, while the front end may need some tape.)

OPTIONAL- Cut 4 strips 0.6 – 0.7 cm wide of foil tape and place it under the 2 ring section of Sailor Gel as well as under the CT caps.

– Comment :
To me, the texture of the barrel is the most amazing thing about this mod. After it is cleaned and worn it, it feels amazing to spin. At 21 cm 18.4 g, it can easily be used for both power and regular spinning.


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