Sonoda Emboss

Featured picture : credit goes to Sonoda

– Name : Sonoda Emboss mod

– Creator : Sonoda

– Length : 23cm

– Weight : ~20g(?)

Insert : Yes

– Weblink : >Sonoda Blog<

– Difficulty :  Medium

– Stuff :
– 2 Emboss Dual Pen (Barrels)
– 2 Zebra Airfit BA-9 (Tips, Grip)
– 1 Pentel RSVP (Barrel, Cap)
– 1 Pilot G3 (Grip) | note : silicon ring can be used to get a better finition
– 1-2 Dong-a Anyball (Grips)

Stuff price : Around 15 USD.

– Tutorial :

1- Clear your Emboss barrels

2- Cut from the Emboss barrel to 9cm.

3- Cut the RSVP barrel to 4cm. If this step is too hard for you, you can replace the RSVP barrel with a Color Twin barrel.

4- Cut the RSVP cap to 1.5cm.

5- Wrap an insert around the middle of the cut RSVP barrel, then put the cut RSVP cap over the insert. Then place 1 block of G3 grip at each side of the cap on the barrel

6- Connect the Emboss barrels with Step 5.

7- Cut the Airfit grip in half.

8- Add decorative rings (5 Anyball rings), halved Airfit grip on each end

9- Put an Airfit tip into the Airfit grip on each end

– Comment :
This pen mod got popular because of its high momentum, length and weight, but also because the middle can be customized as you want.

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