RSVP G-Force

Credit goes to Vôre-Tèx for the featured picture.

Name : RSVP G-Force

Creator : Spartan

Length : 17 cm

Weight : 14 g

Inserts : Yes

Link : RSVP G-Force

Making : Difficult

Pens list :

2 G3 ( 1 Body + 2 Caps + 1 Tip )
1 RSVP ( Body )
1 G2 ( InkTube )
2 SGM ( 2 Grips )
Tutorial :
1- Take your RSVP and cut the screw thread at the back.
2- Take a G3 cap, cut and file the clip.
3- Put G3 cap on the front of RSVP body.
4- Take the body of the G3 without cap, saw off at 6.5 cm from the tip, and file for it to be straight.

5- Take your cap of the G3, cut after the part that makes the cap “clips” (a few millimeters) on the body of the G3, ie after the little balls that are embedded in the plastic cap (leave the margin for possible insert).
6- Only required for the Basic version of the G-Force: wrap a piece of tape halfway between the tip and body of the G3, then clip on your cap previously sawed the body of the G3 (this avoids the move) .
7- Take your inktube of the G2 and empty it. Keep 5 to 5.5 cm of the inktube.
8- Push the inktube into the front cut  until the G3 inktube hold itselft properly.
9- Take transparent tape, put in on the part of the inktube over to the RSVP and the G3 hold together properly.
10- So here you are with your mod at a raw state, let’s now give it the aesthetic.
Basic Version :
1- Cut your grips of anyball as you feel
2- Add an insert.
Colored Version :
This version is almost identical to the first, but can further expand the aesthetic possibilities of the mod.
1- Put exactly 3 inserts: one for the front, one for the middle one for the rear.
Unlike the Basic version, you do not need to tape the front to prevent the cap of G3 being noisy, the insert will block it.
–  Comment :
It has excellent specs, it is really super nice and it must be a delight to use. I hope you will make it =)

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