Everchix Emboss Mod

Featured picture : credit goes to Everchix

– Name : Everchix Emboss Mod (also called EEM)

– Creator : Everchix

– Length : 22cm(?)

– Weight : ~20g(?)

Insert : No

– Weblink : /

– Difficulty :  Easy~Medium

– Stuff :
– 2 Emboss Dual Pen (Barrels)
– 1 Pilot Supergrip (Grip)
– 1 Pentel CT/KT (Barrel)
– 1 Dong-a Comssa (Barrel)
– 2 Airfit BA-9 (Tips)
– 2 Sailor Gel (Grips)

Stuff price : Around 20 USD.

– Tutorial :

1- Clear your Emboss barrels

2- From the back, cut 5.7 and 3.1cm for both barrels as shown.

3- Do not keep the tip part.
Link the middle with a piece of the front part of a CT barrel cut to 3cm.
Link the 5.7cm part and the 3.1cm part with a piece of a Comssa barrel cut to 2cm.

3- Add 2 blocks of Supergrip grip at each gap. (Everchix originally used Hyper Jell grip as seen in the diagram, but later switched to Supergrip stripes)

4- Add Sailor Gel grips and Airfit tips on each end of the barrel.

– Comment :
The personal Emboss of the famous Everchix =) Since he deleted his blog, we don’t have a lot of info about it.
Great centered weight distribution penmod with medium-heavy weight. =)

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