Vôre-Tèx KT

Featured picture : credit goes to Vôre-Tèx

– Name : Vôre-Tèx KT (VT KT)

– Creator : Vôre-Tèx

– Length : 20cm

– Weight : 15-16g

Insert : No

– Weblink : >VT blog<

– Difficulty :  Medium

– Stuff :
– 2 KT / CT / person’s (2 Big caps, 1 Backplug) note : use their barrel if you don’t have any m&m barrel
– 1 Miffy and Melanie (Barrel)
– 2 Gel roller / HGG (Grips)
– 2 Dr.Grip (2 x 1/2 Grips)
– 2 HGG (Tips)
– 2 G3 (Rubbers)
– 2 Tect2way (Tips)

Stuff price : Around 20 USD.

– Tutorial :

1- Prepare the tip stack :
a) make a small hole in the rubber G3
b)Put the rubber G3 inside the HGG tip
c) Remove the tiny metal pipe of the tect tip (by cutting or taking out with a plier)
d) Put the tect tip inside the step b).

2- Clear the m&m barrel and replace its backplug to the KT/CT backplug.

3- Cut both of your KT/CT caps as shown below :

4- Sand/polish the cut part of your caps in order to recreate a new shape, like if the cap never been cut
(I didn’t work on the left cap, but I did on the right cap)

5- 26mm of your drgrip grip sub, 12mm of your roller gel grip (or HGG/RSVP grip) with the tip stack of the step 1-.

6- Add the cap on each end.

– Comment :
I’ve always hated DR.KT, that’s why I tried to think far on how to make this kind of mod better for my spin and for my hands : extending the spinning area, removing the clip and reducing the weigth.
Even though its aesthetic doesn’t look like a regular KT, this is the only one I am able to spin by enjoying it.

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