Malimo G3

Featured picture : credit goes to Malimo

– Name : Malimo G3

– Creator : Malimo

– Length : ~20 cm?

– Weight : ~14g?

Insert : Yes

– Weblink : >Malimo blog<

– Difficulty : Easy-Medium

– Stuff :
– 1 Pilot G3 (Barrel, backplug)
– 1 Pilot Hi-tec C (Tip)
– 2 Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip (HGG) (Tips)
– 1 Uni-ball Signo DX (Grip)
– 1 Pilot Supergrip (Grip)
– 1 Zebra Jimnie (Cap) Note : the one where you can remove the clip completely
– 1 Zebra Hyper Jell (Grip) Note : can be the Jimnie grip

Stuff price : Around 15 USD.

– Tutorial :

1- Prepare the G3 barrel. (remove grip, file down the small squares and front)

2- Attach Hi-tec C and HGG tip together with clear tape.

3- Screw the Hi-tec C tip onto the G3 front and secure it with clear tape :

4- Cut 5mm of Signo DX grip and put it on the G3 front along with the Supergrip grip as shown:

5- Cut 2mm of hyperjell grip from its back :

6- Add the last HGG tip and the G3 backplug inside the grip. Adjust the backplug accordingly depending on your preference.

7- Add Step 6 inside the Jimnie cap (cut the Jimnie cap’s clip)

8- Add an insert into the G3 barrel, add some tape to the back of the G3 barrel and attach the cap to the barrel


– Comment :
The personal G3 mod of the great and famous Malimo, from Jeb =)

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