Menowa* Mod

Featured picture : credit goes to Vôre-Tèx

– Name : Menowa* mod

– Creator : Menowa*

– Length : 20 cm

– Weight : 20g

Insert : No

– Weblink : >Menowa* Tumblr<

– Difficulty : Medium

– Stuff :
– 2 Dr.Grip HDG-50R ( Tips)
– 4 Anyball (Grips)
– 2 Airblanc (Tips)
– 2 pentel KT (Caps)
– 1 Bic round stic grip (Barrel)
– 2 Thick Supertip (Barrels)
– 1 Hyperjell (Grip)
Optional :
– 2 G3 (Rubbers in the caps)
– 2 Zebra Airfit (Metal rings)
– 2 Muji Tect ( 4 clear silicon rings)
– 2 Zebra Tect2way (5 black silicon rings)

Stuff price : Around 25 USD.

– Tutorial :

1- Clear both of Supertip barrels.

a) Cut the clip of each KT cap and hollow them.
b) Cut both Supertip barrels 6.2cm from the back. (for a 20cm mod)
c) Link them from the back with 4cm of bic round stic barrel. Optional thing, you can add 1 black silicon ring at the middle.

3- Fix/connect airblanc tip inside drgrip tip with adhesive or glue.

4- Prepare 4 pieces of hyperjell grip, cut to 5mm each.

5- Add 1 piece of HJ onto the airblanc tip, the part which is not inside of the drgrip tip. Then, Add another piece of grip onto it. You should get 2 layers of grip, one above the other.

6- Fix the airfit metal ring thanks to the hyperjell grip part on the step 5.

7- Put the tip stacks on the inverted way, inside the KT caps.

8- Secure the step 7 with the KT cap with clear tape.

9- Put each cap on each end of the barrel of the mod.

10- Add anyball on each edge :
4 black < 2 color < 2 black < 1 color

11- Add the rubber G3 inside airblanc tip.

12- Add silicon rings on the barrels, next to caps :

12- Decorate the KT cap with white vinyl.

– Comment :
Yeah I finally got motivation to write the tutorial of this mod. ^^’
Maybe one of the most famous penmod these past fews years, with the menowa vgg and the isuk emboss.
Another brick penmod, very dense and short. But the weight distribution is well done (if you use the stuff as I explain). I agree there’s a lot of stuff, but the menowa* mod is belong now as one of the most iconic penmod in penspinning history, as well as for its aesthetic as for its spin feeling.

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