KZZN Emboss

Featured picture : credit goes to KZZN

– Name : KZZN Emboss mod

– Creator : KZZN

– Length : ~22 cm

– Weight : >25g

Insert : No

– Weblink : >Kzzn Blog<

– Difficulty : Easy

– Stuff :
– 2 Dr.Grip HDG-50R ( Tips)
– 4 Supergrip (Grips)
– 2 Airblanc (Tips)
– 2 HGR (Backcaps)
– 1 Penzgear (4 metal rings)
– 2 Emboss dual pen (Barrels)
– 2 G3 (Rubbers in the caps)
– 2 Anyball (Grips)
– 1 Hyperjell (Grip)

Stuff price : Around 30 USD.

– Tutorial :

1- Keep 2 emboss barrels and remove the ink.

2- Take one of the barrel, and cut in 2 times 4.2cm, 1 time from the back, the other time from the front as shown below :

The black stripe at the right is from supergrip.

3- Take the smooth part of 2 supergrip grips and add them on the cut emboss part ^ Also, Add 5-7mm of hyperjell grip (the pink part in the pic).

4-Add the rubber G3 inside the drgrip tip

a) Cut the HGR backcap to 5mm from its bottom.
b) Fit 2 penzgear rings on the backcap and screw the airblanc tip.
c) The black stripe at the right is from g3 grip.
b) The 2×2 black stripes at the left is from supergrip.

6- Put the 4th step on the 5th step. Remove the small tip of the drgrip tip (for sanding it, or cutting it)

7- Prepare the 2 last smooth parts of supergrip grips. Add them as shown, with the step 6 inside.

8- Also, Add on each end 4 stripes of anyball grip.

9- Add some tape on each front of emboss barrel and assemble them.

– Comment :
If you like brick penmods with emboss thckness, I am sure you’ll like the Kzzn emboss. Otherwise, there is a lot of stuff to use and it is not a penmod so easy to control.
A video is better than a good explanation anyway =)

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