41RFLOW G3 mod

Featured picture : credit goes to Vôre-Tèx

– Name : 41RFLOW G3 mod

– Creator : Vôre-Tèx

– Length : 20 cm

– Weight : 14g

Insert : Yes

– Weblink : /

– Difficulty : Medium

– Stuff :
– 1 G3 metal ( Everything but the inktube)
– 1 Patterned G2 (Grip, Back barrel) note : the patterned barrel is important, so you won’t have to sand too much the G3 barrel)
– 1 Signo DX (Grip, Tip)

– Stuff price : Less than 10 USD.

– Tutorial :

1- Prepare the front of your G3 :
a) cut as shown : hollowed part, smooth part, 4 blocks, 2 blocks
b) remove the hollowed part

1- Remove the little squares (with a nail cutter) before removing the grip.
Note : because it is better to not stretch the G3 grip for what we need to do after.

If you’re using an x acto and if you’re right handed:
a) both thumbs are pushing the blade;
b) use the right index as a guide (at the same time to moderate the strength from the thumbs (to avoid to cut the grip) and orientate the cutting)
c) 1,2,3,4 from left hand to hold the G3 barrel

2- G2 barrel :
a) Cut 4.9cm from the back
b) You should notice a little bump at the middle of the clear G2 barrel (above the red line, there is a small reflect of my lamp). When the G3 front barrel is inside the G2 barrel, it must not go further of this bump, because from this point the G2 barrel is getting thinner.

G3 barrel :
a) Thus, cut the G3 front barrel at the red line (1.8cm)
b) Remove the grips carefully. Do not stretch it.
b) Sand the G3 front barrel (not too much otherwise you’ll need to add some clear tape to hold th G2 barrel), BUT do not sand/file the 2mm part where the star is (at the left). We need this part clean to get the mod strong.

3- Cut G2 and DX (2.2cm) grips as shown.
Prepare G3 cap, remove the small rubber and the clip.

4- Prepare the G2 barrel as shown. Ultra-optional thing, you can add any metal/silicon ring like below.

Use the smooth G3 part grip to link the signo tip to the G2 barrel.

Add the 2 stripes part of the G3 grip (originally at the front of the pen) at its back.

note : This detail is to make the making “perfect”, since the first stripe of the G3 grip is a little bit thinner than the others stripes and since you left the small plastic bump. There won’t be any shift between G3 barrel and the small G3 grip we added (you’ll get that shift if you use another G3 grip part).

5- Remove 1mm of the DX grip as shown. (it allows to put an insert in the cap)

6- Take the backcap of the G3 and add inside the rubber :

7- Prepare the cap :
G3 tip < G3 grip < step 6 ” =] “< DX grip

8- Add insert in the cap and in the barrel, with some tape at the back of the G3.

9- finish by adding some leftover rings grip at the front (in the G3) or at the back (in the dx grip) to make the pen as perfect balanced as possible for your tastes.

– Comment :
An ambitious project I’ve got there, at the beginning of the year 2018 : create a firefly G3 mod (that’s to say single cap, same aesthetic and balanced), but lighter and stronger, with as less pens as possible.
I am pretty proud of this penmod. I spent a lot of time to think about it especially the front.
Hope you guys will appreciate it, as well =)

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