VGG Emboss Mod replica


Featured picture : credit goes to Cloud.

– Name : VGG emboss mod replica

– Creator : Cloud

– Length : 24 cm

– Weight : ~25 g

Insert : No

– Weblink : UPSB (archive)FPSBVNPSC, PserHome

– Difficulty : Medium

– Stuff :

– 2 Emboss Dual Pen(2 big caps, 2 small caps, 1 body, 1 backplug)
– 1 White Beifa/Sailor grip(grip)
– 1 Black Beifa/Sailor grip(grip)
– 2 Pilot Dr.Grip(Grips)
– 2 Zebra Airfit (Tip)
– 2 Com.ssa(Bodies)
Stuff price : Around 25$

– Tutorial :

1- Cut 2cm from each Dr.Grip grip, 2×2 sections from the white sailor grip and 4 sections from each end of the black sailor grip.

2- Empty the emboss body and clean it. Leave the backplug.

3- Cut 1cm from the open end of the small caps. Put them on the emboss front and bakplug.

4- Cut the com.ssa bodies at 1.5cm from the back. Put the cut pieces in the big emboss caps, cut side first. Put the white sailor rings on the emboss body, next to the small caps.

5- Put the 4 black sailor rings, then the 2cm Dr.Grip grip on the big caps. Add the airfit tip.

6- Put some hot glue on both ends of the emboss body, the put the modded caps on. The glue should make the connection stable.

– Comment :
This mod is a great emboss mod, especially for powerticks. But it is really long and heavy so it will not be to everyone’s taste.


Video of VicGotGame spinning his original version of the mod.

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