Menowa Emboss Mod – Ikusafude

Credit goes to Vôre-Tèx for the featured picture.

– Name :Menowa Emboss Mod – Ikusafude

– Creator : Menowa*

– Length : ~20.5cm

– Weight : ~21g

Outsert : No

– Weblink : Menowa’s Tumblr, Vôre-Tèx’s YouTube Video

– Difficulty : Long and hard

– Stuff :
– 3 Emboss Dual Pen (Barrels, 2 white, 1 black)
– 6 Anyball ( Grips, 4 black, 1 pink, 1 skyblue)
– 2 Dr.Grip ( Tips, Metal Rings) (code :
– 2 G3 (Caps)
– 2 Supergrip (Grips)
– 1 ColorTwin (Barrel)
– 1 Zebra Tect2way (2 silicon rings)
– 1 Zebra Hyperjell (Grip)

Tutorial :

1- Gather the stuff needed (1 black emboss barrel and Tect2way rings are missing)


Cut from the bottom of G3 cap ~1.3cm twice.

3- Cut your white emboss barrels around 8cm each, from the back and cut your black emboss barrel around 8mm from the back.

4- Cut around 3.5cm of your CT barrel from the back.

5- Link your emboss barrels (white | black |white) with the 3.5cm CT barrel.

6- [facultative] Cut the top of your drgrip tips with a plier scissors.


Cut 7mm of your Hyperjell grip and stack it with the drgrip tip, metal ring as shown ^


Cut 1 block of 7 stripes of your anyball grip twice (from the front of the grip).


Backward this piece of grip and put it inside the G3 1.3cm cap. Leave 1mm. The front of the grip should be inside of the cap.


Add the tip stack inside, and “unfold” back the anyball grip onto the G3 cap.


Hardest part of this mod if you don’t use to overgrip in the past : Put your supergrip grip onto the 10th step.

12- Add onto the 11th step : 4 stripes of black anyball (from its back) > 1 silicon ring > 4 stripes of skyblue anyball > 3 stripes of black anyball (from its front)

13- 1 Tect2 way silicon ring is missing

Add 3 stripes of black anyball as shown and plug the 12th step on each side of the barrel.

The mod should be done 🙂 congratz !

Comment :
One of the most famous penmod from menowa since 2015-2016 ! The feeling while spinning was very unique at the period he created it, because the weight distribution is on all the lenght of the mod, not only at the extremity. Good mod for stall tricks as well.
Also, it is very hard to make it beautiful if you don’t get use to overgrip. You have to stretch hard grips without hurting them. You need both patience and skills ^^

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