Name : Mx³

Creator : Twim

Length : 20 cm

Weight : 15g

Insert : Yes

Link : Mx³ v1 et v2

Making : Difficult

Pens :

1 RSVP ( Cap + Grip )
2 HGG ( 2 Tips + 2 Grips + 1 Cap + 1 Barrel)
1 G3 / Signo ( Tip )
Grips the same diameter as RSVP grip
Large grips

Tutorial :

1- Cut the clip of the Cap of RSVP and remove everything inside of the HGG cap. Also remove the clip.

2- Put an HGG tip on the bottom of the RSVP Cap. Use an RSVP inktube so you can push it as far as possible.

3- Wrap a piece of paper around the cap of HGG and put it inside the cap of RSVP. Leave 1 cm of the cap of HGG outside of the RSVP cap.

4- Put large grips on the visible part of the Cap of HGG. The cap is done.

5- Take your HGG barrel, remove the inktube and the backcap and add an insert if needed.

6- Screw on the HGG front barrel its tip and put like 2cm of random grips.

7- Add Signo/G3 tip above HGG tip with teflon. Add HGG grip above it.

9- Put the step 4- at the back of your HGG barrel.


Comment : Another version of the RSVP MX, invented by a french maker. Great to make if you have spare HGG stuff and RSVP cap.


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    Karzack [NeO's]

    Tu conseil quoi comme grip du même diamètre que ceux du RSVp et comme grip large ?

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    grip fin : hgg/rsvp/signo broad.
    grip gros : g2/anyball/gel waves

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    Merci !