Com.Ssa Luminous

Credit goes to Ponkotu for the featured picture


Name : Com.ssa Luminous

Creator : Mr.LSC ?

Lenght : Short

Weigth : Light

Outsert : Yes

Link :  Tutorial du Com.Ssa Luminous, Com.ssa Luminous sur Pendolsa, Les variations du Com.ssa

Modding : A bit hard

Pens :

1 HGG ( Body )
1 Com.Ssa ( 2 caps modded )
1 G2 ( Back part )
Stickers phosphorescent or stickers white, Cremate phosphorescent, Paint phosphorescent.
Tutorial :
1- Cut off and file the big bump of the hgg barrel.
2- Take your back part of G2 barrel and cut just after the screw part, and just before the line on the other side.
3- Optional: paint stickers with the phospho paint.
4- Take your straw, then inhale some phospho cream (don’t act stupid, look to where that rises to avoid a poisoning). Then via the back of the HGG you go to put the straw above and to blow to spread the cream in the body.
5- Optional: Put stickers  on the caps of Com. Ssa, and if that does not like too much, add of the adhesive tape.
6- Put the part of G2 from 2- and add it on the front of HGG, then put caps  of Com. Ssa on each side of the barrel.

Well, the phosphorescent material is rather difficult to find but you can buy Com.ssa Luminous on Pendolsa from 7 $ (:

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    Ah bah c’est bien celui-l que j’ai, avec de la crème phospho je pense. Mais la peinture phospho est radioactive. O_o