SocomGEL Mod

Credit goes to brasilpenspinning for the featured picture.


Name : SocomGEL Mod

Creator : iMatt

Length : 23 cm

Weight : Moyen

Outsert : That of Com.Ssa

Link : SocomGEL Mod

Making : Easy

Pens list :
1 Com.Ssa ( All parts )
2 Gel Waves ( 2 Caps )

Tutorial :
1- First, break off the clips on the sailorgel caps to where they become a stub
2-Place The SailorGel caps directly over the comSSa caps, should make a nice fit
3-Pull off each stub of the sailorgel so you can place anyballs on the sailor gel cap
4- Put The stubs back on. and Wa LA! you gots a SocomGEL
5- Optionnal: You can add HGG tips on com.ssa caps.
Comment :
The SocomGEL Mod is not known internationally but still a nice mod and nice although a bit long.

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    Le mien fait 22cm.