Lakubo Jell Mod / Ayatori Pen Mod


Credit goes to ??? for the featured picture.


Name : Lakubo Jell Mod / Ayatori Pen Mod

Creator : Ryo (Ayatori didn’t create it, he just made it popular)

– Length: 20 cm

Weight : 16 g

Insert : Yes

Link : Lakubo Jell Mod ( FPSB v2 ), Lakubo Jell Mod ( FPSB v3 ), Lakubo Jell Mod ( UPSB )

Making : Difficult

Pens list :

1 Uniball Lakubo ( All parts without inktube)
2 Uniball Signo ( 2 Tips )
1 Uniball 0.7 ( Grip )
1 Zebra Hyper Jell / Zebra Jimnie Jell ( Cap + Grip )
Tutorial :
1- Open up the back of the very lakubo and flip the refill, at this time put an insert in.
2- In the front of the very lakubo pen, use cellotape or some kind of adhesive to secure the signo tip.
3- Cut a pattern on the signo knock type 0.7 grip (this step can be skipped).
4- Near the front of the very lakubo, roll an insert. if you wrap more cellophane tape, the rest of the work will be easier (this step can be skipped).
5- Cover the front of the very lakubo with the signo knock type 0.7.
6- Put the signo tip in the hyper jell cap.
7- Cover the bottom of the very lakubo pen with the hyper jell grip. at this time, you can put an insert in the cap as well ( it requires a little skill ).
8- In the case that you have trouble putting the insert in the cap (in fact, even i haven’t been able to put it in yet), you can cut the hyper jell grip and then put the insert in.
Comment : Called Ayatori Pen Mod because this mod was used in most of his combos, the Jell Mod Lakubo really look very very special. It’s really an aethetic mod.
Video :
Ayatori Solo Video :

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    Super mod

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    pour l’inventeur c’est ryo !

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