Vain G*2

Featured picture : credit goes to the website ペンたちの集会所

– Name : Vain G*2

– Creator : Vain

– Length : Medium

– Weight : Medium

Insert : Yes

– Weblink : Pen’s meeting place (Japanese)

– Difficulty : Easy

– Stuff :

– 2 G3 plastic (1Barrel, 2Grips, 1Tip)
– 1 D1-k (Grip)
– 1 Lakubo (Grip)
– 1 G1 (Tip)
– 1 Signo (Tip)
– 3 HGG (3Tips, 1backplug)
– 1 Anyball (Grip)
– 1 Frixion colors (Cap, rubber grip)
Stuff price : Around 20$

– Tutorial :

1- Remove the G3 grips without cutting them. Prepare one G3 barrel.

2- Empty the frixion cap. Keep the rubber part.

3- Wrap some tape around the rubber part and put it into the G3 barrel.

4- For the tips at the front : G3>Signo>G1.

5- Add 1 piece of 2 blocks of anyball at the front; use the anyball grip front the back.

6- Screw the tip stack at the front with lakubo grip.

7- Put a G3 grip into the second :

8- Attach 3 HGG tips together with tape and put this tip stack inside the cap. Use a random grip to hold it.

9- Then, what you got from the step 7 into the frixion cap.

10- Use 7 blocks of d1-k and 2 blocks of anyball. Put HGG baclplug into the hole of frixion cap.

11- push hard the cap at the back of the G3.


– Comment :
Still a nice mod from Vain, iirc the length is a bit short. About the look, the back looks bigger than the front. Maybe some of you won’t like it because of that.
D1-k grip is a little bit hard to find, and only in japan in 100yen shops.


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