Near Mx

Credit goes to Near for the featured picture.


Name : Near Mx

Creator : Near

Length : 21.5 cm

Weight : 15 – 16 g

Insert : Yes

Link : Near Mx mouhahaha

Making : Difficult

Pens list :

1 Reynolds Gel’7 ( Body)
1 Reynolds 081 / 090 ( Cap )
1 Flexgrip Élite ( Tip )
1 Stabilo Junior ( Cap )
1 RSVP Normal / Mini / Retractable ( Cap )
2 G2 ( 2 Grips )
Ring grips
Tutorial :
1- Put the Flexgrip Elite tip on the Cap Reynolds 081 / 090 and this cap on the screw thread of the Gel’7.
2- Put a grip of G2 above the cap and some rings on it. Put grips on the back of the Cap of Reynolds 081
3- Take the cap of felt Stabilo Junior and wrap one or two layers of the insert around it, and push it in the cap of RSVP.
4- Cut the felt cap that was 1 cm from where it goes out of the RSVP cap.
5- Put one or more rings of grips on the part striped of Gel’7. Put a bit of grip on the part of the Cap of Stabilo beyond. Put cap of Stabilo and  cap of RSVP at the front of Gel’7.

Set the imbalance (the side heading RSVP is heavier) and add sticky tack  into the body of Gel’7. Finished.

Comment :
Maybe my finest creation (Near). It’s a mod with an excellent spin for my taste =), nevertheless  Gel’7 is rather hard to find.

All comments.

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    Moi, j’ai trouvé un paquet de 5 Gel’7 chez mon grand-père. Du coup: Gratis!
    Pareil pour des sakura, flexgrip, Hi-tec-c4, Color 090 (cap et corps coloré) et des 081. I love mon grand père XD

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    Peux tu metttre une photo du Gel’7, car il en existe plusieur sorte !
    J’en ai un qui n’a pas de tip (bout plastique)

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    C’est celui ci normalement.
    Les miens sont des lazer, aux couleurs très flashies.