Nightmare’s Mod

 Credit goes to Nightmare for the featured picture.


Name : Nightmare’s Mod

Creator : Nightmare

Length : 19.5 cm

Weight : 15 g

Insert: No

Link : Nightmare’s Mod

Making : Easy

Pens list :

2 Dr.Grip ( 2 Grips )
1 HGG ( Grip + Tip )
1 Colorgel ( Grip + Tip )
1 Supergel ( Cap )
1 Bic Crystal Gel Medium ( All parts without cap)

Tutorial :
1- Start by reducing a bit of the  grip of Colorgel half a centimeter.
2- Insert the tip of the HGG and then Colorgel grip in the cap by pushing it to the bottom, but without offending the grip (for that you’ll probably fold the Colorgel  grip in the direction of his length).
3- Attach the tip of Colorgel on the front of the Bic by wraping it with tape.
4- Slide the HGG  grip over it and cut the excess tape.
5- Put a thick tape to the back of Bic so the Cap of Supergel can hold correctly, remember to put an insert if you wich at this time. Approximate size: 10 x 2 cm.
6- Then simply assemble the mod and add any grips, for me it is Dr.Grip grip.
Comment :
Very good mod, signed Nightmare with COP =COG without sticky tack. ^^

All comments.

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    j’adore ce mod, il est trop beau O_O

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    Pourquoi 2 grips de dr.grip ?

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    C’est en réalité, dans le tuto original, 2 morceaux de grip de Dr.Grips. Donc un seul grips suffit, je corrige.