Reamtea G3

Credit goes to ponkotu for the featured picture.


– Name : Reamtea G3

– Creator : Reamtea

– Length : 19.5cm

– Weight : 14g (?)

Insert : Yes

– Weblink : Pen Meeting place (Japanese)

– Difficulty : Easy

– Stuff :

– 2 Pilot G3 (Plastic ver.) (1 Barrel, 2 Tips, 1 Grip)
– 1 Lakubo (Grip*)
– 2 RSVP Color (Grips, Cap, Barcode sticker on the cap)
– 1 Uniball Signo (Tip)
– 1 Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip (HGG) (Tip)
– 1 Anyball (Grip)
*original used a white Lakubo grip sub from M&G

– Tutorial :

1- Prepare the front of your G3 barrel. (remove grip, sand down small squares and front)

2- Stick the barcode sticker onto the G3 barrel front. Cut the G3 grip vertically, roll it up and put the rolled G3 grip into the neck of the G3 barrel. Leave 1 block of the grip exposed.

3- Attach the 3 tips together with regular tape. (G3> G3> Signo)

4- Screw Step 3 to Step 2.

5. Put 3 blocks of Anyball on G3 front, followed by Lakubo grip (Dimples facing inwards) (refer to picture)

6- Remove the small ball inside of the RSVP cap and place a HGG tip inside followed by a full RSVP grip as shown.
*Please note that you can’t remove the HGG tip afterwards.

7- Cut the second RSVP grip as shown at the first dimple (lip side) and put it onto the back of the G3.

8- Put the cap at the back (You have to push really hard for it to stay on)

– Comment :
Famous G3 variation from Reamtea, unusual way to make the back but the mod looks nice anyway. The cap might fall off frequently due to the connection

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