Menowa* Reimei – 黎明Mod

– Name : Reimei Mod (黎明Mod)

– Creator : Menowa

– Length : 20cm

– Weight : 18g

Insert : Yes

– Weblink : Menowa*’s blog, Vôre-Tèx’s blog

– Difficulty : Easy but takes time

– Stuff :

– 1 Muji Reimei (1 Barrel, 2 smooth caps)
– 1 Rikota highlighter (2 caps) | can be subbed by thin supermagic+ caps
– 6 Zebra Tect 2way (6 metal rings) | can be sub by penzgear rings
– 2 2BALLpen&SHARPpen (2 grips) | can be sub by Zebra Z-grip
– 2 Pilot Supergrip (2 grips)
– 2 Pilot G3 (2 backplugs) : it’s optional stuff
– 4 Anyball grips
– Stuff price : Depending of where you are living. A lot of pens are hard to find and the muji pen is discontinued. 40$ maybe if you don’t count the value ? But if you want to buy the premade mod, it will cost you more.

– Tutorial :

1- Empty your reimei barrel and keep the 2 smooth caps.

2- Take your 2ballpen&sharppen and cut as shown. Keep the smooth part.

3- Put these smooth parts on reimei caps as shown.

4- Keep the 2 caps of the Rikota marker and the backplugs of G3

5- Keep the 6 metallic rings from Tect sharp pen. Disassemble them like that:

6- Push Rikota caps on the top of Reimei caps.

7- Cut black anyball grips as shown. Keep the 5 blocks section.

8- Cut your supergrip grip as shown.

9-  Put anyball grips and supergrip grips as shown.

10- Fix G3 backplug on Zebra rings and put it into supergrip grip. 3 rings per side. The way of the rings is like that :
[ ] [ ===barrel=== ] [ ]

11- Put the rest of anyball grips as shown, and put an insert on reimei barrel. Add the caps on each side. You’ve done 🙂

– Comment :
This penmod had received a lot of controverse. “Why spending so much money for a pen that doesn’t spin that good ?” It is a legit thought, but anyway we have no clue about the intention of making from menowa. I guess he just used some spares parts and make a pen for a very specific way of spin (take a look at the video below)
I (Vôre-Tèx) don’t recommand you to make this mod if you are not going to spin it for its specific using (the way of spin on the video below), except if you are a fan of menowa or if you have money.
Reimei barrel diameter is between supertip and emboss. A bit weird at first but the texture and flexible barrel are great.

– Video :<a href=""></a>
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