Gélinold’s Extend

Credit goes to Adell’ for the featured picture.


Name : Gélinold’s Extend

Creator : Adell’

Length : 20.4 cm

Weight : Light

Insert : Yes

Link : Gélinold’s Extend

Making : Easy

Pens list:
1 Pilot G2 XS ( Body )
1 Pilot G1 (body without grip)  ( Body + Cap )
2 Sailor Grip ( 2 Grips )

Tutorial :
1- Put a grip of Sailor gel in front of the G1.
2- Unscrew the G2 XS and take the rear part on which there is a piece of plastic that you take off.
3- Place the rear G2 part on the backpart of the G1
4- Put the second sailor gel grip  on the thinnest part of the rear G2 part of  and  in the grip of the G1 set the cap that will sink well into the grip so it fits on the piece of Pilot G2 XS

Comment :
Vintage mod from fpsb 8)

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