Pilot G3M

Credit goes to MBM for the featured picture.


Name : Pilot G3M

Creator : MBM

Length : Variable : from 18 to 24 cm

Weight : Variable

Insert : Yes

Link: Pilot G3M

Making : Difficult

Pens list :
1 G3 ( Body + Tip + Cap )
1 G2 ( Back part + Grip )
1 Ink Cartridge

Tutorial :
1- Remove G2 grip.
2- Take the G2 back part and remove the clip and the clicker.
3- Cut according to the desired size but keep  the thin part (you can do simulations by removing the tip of the G3 and by puting G3 cap on G3 backcap).
4- Cut clip of G3 cap and file it.
5- Remove G3 tip.
6- Put your empty ink cartridge in the hole (where was the G3 inktube), but don’t push it too much.
7- Put glue above the ink cartridge and put G2 back part above it (the thinnest part outside).
8- Put adhesive tape above G3 tip and the G2 thin part.
9- Cut G2 grip  in order to recover that thin part and it covers a portion of the tip ( like  HGG² back).
10- Check the balance.
Comment :
A good mod with pens easy to find, but good luck for making the pen. Looks super hard  ><

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