Hibachi Mod – Ponkotu’s version

Credit goes to Froggy for the featured picture.


– Name : Hibachi Mod

– Creator : Hibachi

– Length : 21cm

– Weight : Medium

– Outsert : No

– Weblink : Pen’s meeting place

– Making : Complicated and super hard

– Pens :

– 1 Akashiya Brush Pen  (Barrel)
– 1 Pentel Keityo (KT) (Big Cap)
– 1 Sailor Gel / IC Liquid (Cap)
– 1 Tombow Reporter 2 (Grip)
– 1 Pilot G3 (Grip)
– 1 Pilot G2 (Grip)
– 1 Signo DX ( Grip)
– 1 Metallic Gel (Tip)
Dong-a Anyball (2 Grips; 1 section with 4 stripes, 1 section with 5 stripes, 3 sections with 2 stripes)
– 1 Zebra Jell.Be (Tip) (Discontinued)

– Tutorial :

1- Empty the Akashiya barrel. Put the Metallic Gel tip and Jell Be tip onto it. Add some arounds of regular tape.
Akashiya front> Metallic gel tip> Jell Be tip

2- Front part : Put 4 Anyball stripes followed by the G2 grip.

3- Put 1 whole Anyball grip and 4 stripes on it.

4- (A) Remove the stuck Reporter grip with a needle or small screwdriver. Takes at least 1 hour if you have no experience.

4- (B) Put the Reporter grip above the Anyball grip. Add ~1cm of DX grip at the front.

5- Front is done. Now, take the G3 grip and keep the smooth and the striped parts.

6- Empty your KT cap. Put the smooth part of G3 grip on the cap, striped part inside the cap as shown, with 2 stripes of Anyball on the cap.

7- Take your Sailor cap, remove its clip and the small plastic tip at the top. Put it on the KT cap.

8- Add one Anyball grip above the cap. And again, 1/2 grip above it.

The back is done.

9-  Put the cap on the back of the Akashiya barrel.  🙂

– Comment :
This Hibachi mod version is not the legit version but invented by Ponkotu. Anyway it feels very nice to spin.
Hard to make because overgripping is complicated.

– Video :