Nautilus Mod

Name : Nautilus Mod

Creator : BurningFinger

Length : 20,5 cm w/o tips and 22 w/.

Weight : 16 g

– Outsert : No

– Weblink : UPSB(webarchive), PSH

Modding : Long and very complicated.

Pens :

– 2  Pentel Color Twin (Small caps, barrel)
– 2 Pilot Dr.Grip Shaker (Springs, inktubes)
– 2 Uniball Signo Broad (Caps, tips, rubber grip)
Gel Wave / Sailor / Beifa (Grip : 4 stripes)
Stuff cost : About 10$

Tutorial :

1- Disassemble your shaker. Press hard from the back to remove all the things inside the colored part.

2- Cut half the shaker inktubes and add 4 arounds of electrical tape on 4mm long on 1 side.

3- Measure from the end of Dr Grip inner plastic barrel and cut at the points at 0.8cm and 1.1cm respectively, into 3 pieces as shown in picture. The last two pieces are 0.3cm and 0.8cm. Then wrap a little more than one layer (not too much) of electrical tape around the 0.3cm piece.

4- Empty the signo broad cap (even the colored part) and take apart the tips and the rubber grip inside the caps.

5- Cut the Signo Broad caps into 5.2cm long (that is cut at the indent line of cap), may add about 4mm wide electrical tape at both end for decoration. Then take out the little rubber piece from Signo Broad cap head with forceps.

6- Use the pin to make a little hole on the little rubber piece, then use forceps to extend the hole a little more. (the size of the hole must not bigger than the mp tube outer diameter, just a little is enough.)

7- Push the mp tube through the little rubber piece, the flat side of the rubber piece should stick to the electrical tape and the dented side should face out. :

8- a. Disassemble CT and take note of the sections shown in picture that need to be cut, filed and wrapped with tapes (both ends of CT where wrapped with tapes are being filed before wrapping the tapes). Then use the forceps to slightly extend the hole of the CT plastic tips where mp tubes go through. (objective is to allow the mp tubes to retract freely)
b. Cut the 4 lines of Sailer Gel grip into 2 lines each.

9- a. Measure 0.7cm from the end of the small CT caps and cut around as shown in picture (do not use hot knife method), then wrap with 0.6cm wide electrical tapes for 5-6 layers.
b. Make a small hole at the small CT caps (may do this with pin+forceps or scissors with sharp end), note that the hole should be slightly smaller than the outer diameter of mp tube. (to hold the mp tube firmly later)

10- File the 4 little bumps inside the small caps and tuck in the Signo tip.:

11- Now you should have these, please check.

12- Push the 3mm plastic piece which wrapped with electrical tape into CT barrel, make sure it is fixed.

13- Assemble the parts as shown in picture. :


14- Assemble the parts as shown in picture, tuck the 8mm plastic piece into CT tip and insert the mp tube.


15- Put together the parts from step (13) and (14).
This step is very, very difficult, certainly beyond imagination! The outcome of this step affects the solidness of the whole mod. It will be very tight, but better do it successfully at first try. In case failed, repeated insertions may expand the hole on the small cap causing the structure loosened and reduce the reverse bumper effect, and it will be very tight at first try (= =), very difficult to grasp the right force. When completed, the side view should show the tip being pushed in as seen in the picture, so it will achieve optimum reverse bumper effect. The depth is about 4-5mm.

16- The other side shall use the same approach as in step (15).
This step may be even more difficult than last step because you need the ink tube(or stick) to push the axle, must be very careful. If unable to insert accurately, may use double plugs structure but will consume an extra CT tip. In this way, a little bit of superglue may be applied at where the extra plug will be inserted. However, if do exactly according to tutorial, please do not apply any superglue because it will be difficult to repair once broken!

Advice: Don’t give up! If found the structure isn’t solid and need to redo, 2-3 times will not affect the overall solidness much. As long as it isn’t showing any obvious sign of the axle tube able to insert easily, it will be fine. If this step is done, the mod will soon done!

17- Stuff the SG grips at both ends. The SG grip must be stuffed neatly. May do it with forceps if needed.

18- Insert both ends and complete the mod.
(P.S.: If the CT tip isn’t black so the joint doesn’t look nice, adding a layer of 2mm wide electrical tape is a not bad idea.)

Congratulations, you’ve finally come this far. I believe it has been hard, but to ensure the mod’s solidness, it is recommended that you do the following experiment: hold one end of the mod vertically, then let go the mod and allow it to fall on marble floor(concrete/stone floor is fine x]), for 3 times, for both ends will add up to 6 times, then check if the mod got any parts loosened. If yes, check back Part 2 for any problems and take corresponding measures. If no problem, then you can be proud that you have done a Nautilus mod!

Comment :
I’ve already made this mod in the past (Vôre-Tèx). Indeed, it is complicated and a little bit hard. But it worths the shot. Even if the spring mechanism can protect the tip, the signo broad cap still remains fragile because of the length of the mod.
Anyway it is a good mod with good momentum.



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    C’est bien de protéger les tips, mais le cap de Signo Broad est tellement fragile, fallait plutôt protéger celui ci…

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    il faudrait detaillé un peu plus la partie sur le petit cap de CT, j’ai eu besoin du tuto de upsb pour étre sur de moi.

    Sinon Zeta pour les caps, comme ils tiennent avec du scotch il peuvent très bien résister assez bien si tu n’e mets pas trop (c’est comme les caps d’HJ trop de scotch = dead)

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    Ok, j’vais faire ça mais dis-moi quelle étape il faut que je modifie. Merci Mot.

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    Au fait pourquoi Mot n’est-il pas aussi un modérateur? Pendant ce trimestre, ça va être assez chaud pour moi d’écrire des articles…

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    Il a pas mal de boulot concernant ces études. Il m’a dit qu’il le serait quand il aura un peu plus de temps libre.

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