Inverse Comssa

 – Name : Inverse Comssa

Creator : ?

Length : 18cm

Weight : 12g

– Outsert : Why not

– Link : UPSB

Difficulty : A little bit hard

Stuff :

– 1 DC Comssa (everything)
– 2 Uniball Signo (Tips)
– 1 or 2 Pilot DR.GRIP (Grip)
Stuff price : Environ About 9$

Tutorial :

1- Empty the caps.

2- Glue the tips inverted inside the caps.

3- Cut 1.5cm of the biggest part of your drgrip grip. x2

4- remove the backcap and the tip of the barrel.

5- Add some tape on each side and put the caps on the barrel.

Comment :
This inverted version of the comssa is great if you like the length of the regular version but heavier. If you use white comssa barrel, the spin should be better !


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    c quoi des pilot signo c pas plutot des uniball signo ?

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    En effet c’est corrigé 😉

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    Pour l avoir en rouge tu as utilisé des bellcolors ?

  4. avatar

    Non j’ai utilisé des anciens corps de reynolds/papermate 094 ! les caps s’utilisent pour le waterfall mod 🙂

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