Trinity Mod

Credit goes to James for the featured picture.


Name : Trinity Mod

Creator : James[PSH]

Length : 21,8cm

Weight : Maybe a little bit more than BusterCYL

– Insert : Yes

– Link : UPSB

Difficulty : Long and hard

Pens :

– 2 Pilot G2 (Barrel, grip, mechanism)
– 1 Signo Broad (Cap)
– 1 Baoke MP-492 [can be subbed by CT] (Cap)
– 1 Pilot G3 (Cap, Tip)
– 1 Faber Castell Grip Matic (Tip, Mechanism, Grip)
– 1 Zebra Airfit (Inktube)

Tutorial :

1- Gather the Materials

MP Part
2-Cut your UM-153 cap into 4.5cm

3- disassemble the Grip Matic, Cut the barrel like so(DO NOT CUT THE LEAD TUBE)

4- Cut 2Stripes x2 from GM Grip,Put them onto the tip and the barrel like picture shown,Put them in together with the insert

5- Cut off your lead tube (GM) 3.5cm from the back

6- You have done the front part!!

Body part
7- Disassemble you G2 like so, wrap some clear tape on it(2~3 layers for clear tape, 1~2 for electrical tape)

8- Cut/file your G2 4mm from both side. stick in insert

9- You have done the body

Retractable part
10- Take Out the Baoke(CT) Plastic Tip

11- Using the step 7: disassemble another G2, put the G2 spring into Baoke(CT) tip

12- Take out the Airfit Ink, Cut 2.5cm from the back, Wrap the tape on 3.2cm from the front(in order to block the spring)

13- Widen the Baoke(CT) Hole using the Tweezer so the Airfit ink can pass through freely

14- Assemble your RT part like so, wrap tape 3~4layer

Cap part
15- Disassemble the G3, Take the tip and cap, use 1section of GM Grip to block the G3 tip in the G3 Cap

16- Put your G3 cap onto RT part, put on G2 grip so you have done everything

17- Decorate your mod with Electrical tapes

Comment :
This looks like an amazing writing mod, whether for the aesthetic or the structure.

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