Ivan Mod (Buster Cyl V2)

– Name : Ivan Mod (Buster Cyl V2)

Creator :  Ivan

Length : 22cm

Weight : 20 g

– Outsert : No

Link: Tutoriel Ivan Mod (FPSB)

Difficulty: Medium

– 2 Crayola Supertips (2 Barrels)
– 2 Zebra Airfit (1 Grip* + 2 Tips) (Metal rings are optional as decoration)
– 1 Dong-a Anyball (Grip)
Cost : About 15 $ (depends on where you live)

Tutorial :

1- Empty your Supertips barrels. (Remove the backplug**, remove the inktube) Take one Supertips barrel and cut 4 cm from the back of the barrel, and 4 cm from the front of the barrel (not including the tip)

2- Plug the section you cut from the front into the back of your second Supertips barrel, and the section from the back into the front of the second barrel

3- Cut your Airfit grip in half.

4- Cut some rings of Anyball and put your Anyball grips on each side.

5-  Put your Airfit grip halves on each end and put the Airfit tips into the grips

Comment :
This mod is mostly for power tricks. Long and heavy, perfect for busts, spider spin, etc. The creator is not SpinnerPeem but Ivan, a spinner from Hong Kong. The Ivan mod is considered like the Buster CYL Ver 2.0 because SpinnerPeem spun very often it on his videos (and still uses it).
*The Airfit grip can be replaced with Dr. Grip grip for more weight
**Use pliers to remove the backplug (the colored part at the back) (pull it out)

Neo Ivan: (Developed by the PPP spinners: Aguia, Kad, Furbeller)
-Length: 21.7 cm
-Weight: 19.9 g

Replaces the following parts:
Airfit tips -> 2x cap nuts M6 (They used A2 AISI/304)
Airfit grip/ Dr. Grip grip -> Silicon tube/ hose 8mm, thickness of 1.5mm

Adds the following: a pencil

– *barrel construction is the same as a normal Ivan, but cut the barrel sections to 4.5 cm

– Cut your silicon tube into two 3 cm pieces

– Cut two 2 cm pieces of the pencil, wrap tape until it fits inside the barrel and put it into the ends of the barrel

– Put some putty inside the tips (nuts)

– Put the silicon grips on the ends of the barrel and insert the tips into the grips

The Neo Ivan was made in an effort to make the Ivan mod cheaper and more accessible for new spinners
The attached photo below shows the nut used

Video :

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    cool, mais je vais pas le faire ( point final )

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    2 airfits ca fait 8€. Et puis c’est pas le tien sur la photo?

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    Le mien fait 22 cm.

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