Nachoaddict SC Mod

Credit goes to Nachoaddict for the featured picture.


Name : Nachoaddict SC Mod

Creator : Nachoaddict

Length : 20.5cm

Weight :  Medium

– Outsert : Maybe Eletrical tape

– Weblink : Nachoaddict SC mod (UPSB)

Difficulty : Hard

Pens :

1 Supertips (Barrel)
2 Signo (Tip)
1 G3 (Cap)
1 Anyball (Grip)
1 AirBlanc (Grip)
– 1 Bic round stic (Barrel)
– 1 Color Twin (Small cap)
– 1 HGG (Grip)
Price mod : Between 15-20$

Tutorial :

Preparation :

– Keep your empty supertip barrel.
– Cut 5mm from the front of the supertip.
– Cut your Anyball grip as shown : 1×4 and 2×2 stripes from the front
– Prepare your G3 cap
– Cut 4.8cm from the back of your big round stick.
Front modding:

1- On your Bic barrel, put 2 anyball stripes grip, HGG grip and your signo tip as shown.

2- Put 2 anyball stripes at the front of HGG grip, and put the airblanc grip above the hgg grip.

Cap modding :

3- Put 4 anyball stripes on your G3 cap. Take your small ct cap and put the signo tip on top.

4- Then, put it into your G3 cap with the 5mm part of the supertip tip. You can put an insert around the colortwin cap. Add some arounds of electrical tape on the supertip barrel for the cap.

5- Put the front part (with hgg grip) on the back of you supertip barrel. You are done 🙂

Commentaire : Great mod, with lot of color choices, try this.