Flexcyl mx

Credit goes to Taeko for the featured picture.


Name : Flexcyl mx

Creator : Taeko

Length : 20cm

Weight : 13g

–  Outsert : Why not

– Link : Flexcyl Mx (FPSB)

Difficulty : Easy

Stuff :

– 1 Pentel RSVP (Cap + Grip)
2 Pentel HGG (Tip)
1 Thin Supertip (Barrel)
1 Dong-a (Cap)
1 Anyball (Grip)
1 G1 (Tip)
Stuff cost : About 10$

Tutorial :

1- Empty your Supertip barrel. Cut 23mm from the front (don’t count the tip).

2- Add RSVP grip and HGG tip onto the Supertip tip.

3- Cut the front stripe of Anyball grip and put it into RSVP cap.

4- Push RSVP cap on the step 2. HGG tip is held thanks to the anyball stripe.

5- Empty the other supertip barrel. Put onto the back the donga cap (not too much or you’ll get your mod unbalanced)

6- Screw HGG tip at the top of donga cap and fix the G1 tip with blue tack.

 7- Add the anyball grip onto the donga cap.

Comment :
Light and a little bit slippery, but with a good momentum and easy to make. 🙂