Product SC Mod

Name : Product SC Mod

Creator : Product (?)

Length : 19,5 cm

Weight : 12 g

– Outsert : No

– Link : Product SC Mod (THPSC)

Difficulty : Easy

Stuff :

– 1 M&M/ACT/CT/KT (Barrel, small cap)
– 2 HGG (2 Grips, 1 Tip)
– 2 Anyball (Grip :16 stripes)
– 1 RSVP (Cap)
– 1 Uniball Signo (Tip)
– 1 Dong_a (Backcap)
Stuff cost : About 10$

Tutorial :

1- Take the Miffy body and put the inktube + backplug out of it!
then you take the Comssa Backplug , wrap clear sticky tape around it so that it is static in the Miffy Body.

2- Now the RSVP cap !
a. put in the HGG Tip
b. put in ~4mm of HGG Grip
c. put in a whole HGG Grip without the ring !
this HGG grip should be over the Comssa Backplug but in the RSVP cap so that the RSVP cap is static and will not fall off.
d. put ~2mm HGG grip (or 1 ring of Anyball) below the RSVP cap.

3- Now take the small CT cap and put 9 rings of anyball on it and the signo tip in the front (maybe you have to fix it with glue)

4- Put in the front of the miffy body 1. the HGG ring which comes from the back HGG Grip and 2. 3 rings of Anyball !

5- Now put CT cap on the front and you have your Product´s SC Mod 😉 (maybe you need here sticky tape again !)

Comment :
This mod looks nice with interesting momentum. The barrel is made of flexible/soft plastic so it is for me better at spinning 🙂

Video :