Credit goes to Myrddin for the featured picture
Name : RSVP.Kt

Creator : Myrddin

Length : 20.5 cm

Weight : 18 g

–  Outsert : No

Link : RSVP.KT

Difficulty : Easy

Pens :
1 Keityo ( Barrel + big Cap )
1 RSVP ( Cap + Grip )
1 Flexgrip Élite ( round Tip )
1 Dr.Grip ( Tip )
1 Sailor Gel ( Grip )

Tutorial :

1- Keep the big cap and barrel of your KT.

2- Put the grip of Sailor on the Cap of the KT on the same way as regular dr.kt. Put the tip of Dr.Grip on the top of the cap.

3- Cut off 0.5 cm of the grip of RSVP. Wrap some tape (0.5 cm wide) on the tip of the body Keityou , then put the piece of RSVP you just cut earlier.

4- Take the flexgrip clicker and tip. Attach them together with some blue tack.

5- Wrap another small piece of tape on the KT tip, but this time at the very top, at the point just before the ink tip. Take the tip of Flexgrip and put it where you put the tape (it holds thanks to the tape).

6- Press the Cap of RSVP on the RSVP grip, pushing so that about 3 mm from the Cap on the body of Keityou.

Comment :
Very nice mod Myrrdin signed, perfect for KT lovers. Also you can easily do many changes about the barrel.

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