Syrti’s G3 Mod

Credit goes to Syrti for the featured picture.


Name : Syrti’s G3 Mod

Creator : Syrti

Length : 20cm

Weight : 13g

– Insert : Yes

– Link : Syrti G3 (GPC)(pic are ded)

Difficulty : Long

Stuff :

– 1 Pilot G3 (Barrel, Inktube)
– 2 Signo Broad (2 Grip, 1 Tip)
– 2 HGG (1 Tip, 2 Grips)
– 1 Plastic Tip
–  1 Collection Gel Ink (Cap and front)
-Note- [I think you can sub the Collection Gel Ink to G2 and the cap to RSVP/G3/Jimnie]

Tutorial :

1- Prepare the front of the G3 and cut 17mm from the screw thread.

2- Screw G3 plastic tip onto the tip of the Collection gel ink/G2. The part should be 33mm long.

3- Empty the G3 inktube and keep 25mm.

4- Add some tape on the inktube and use it to link G3 and G2 front together. Put some electrical tape so both barrels have the same diameter.

5- Take your HGG grip and cut the ring.

6- Cut 11mm of your signo broad grip.

7- Do a gripcut pattern on the other signo broad grip.

8- The grips at the front should be like that : HGG ring > 1,1cm Signo > whole HGG grip and the gripcut on the hgg grip.

9- Add Signo tip on the front.

10- Add the other plastic tip into the HGG tip with the HGG grip cut (the one without the ring) inside the cap.

11- Add insert into the G3 barrel and put the cap at the back of the G3 barrel.

Comment :
This mod looks so sick ! Invented by the famous German penmodder, syrti 🙂