Yelo Mod

Featured picture : credit goes to TEK

Name : Yelo Mod

Creator : Tek

Length : 21 cm

Weight : ~16 g

–  Outsert : No

– Weblink : Yelo Mod (UPSB v4)

Difficulty : Easy

Stuff :

– 1 Old Bellcolor (Barrel)
– 2 Dong_A (Caps)
– 2 HGR (Tips)
-2 Impact RT (Tips)
– 2 Metallic Gel / Needle Point (Grips)

Tutorial :

1- Empty your Bellcolor barrel. Use hot water to remove the backplug. Cut the front like that :

2- Put some regular tape on the backplug.

3- Add some blue tack as shown on the donga cap.

4- And put HGR tip. And add blue tack again.

5- Place Impact RT tip above and one around of regular tape.

6- Put the grip on the caps.

7- Add the caps on the barrel.

Comment :
Even if this mod uses rare stuff, the Yelo mod has a really great momentum and the feeling of old bellcolor is also nice. It is a kind of light BusterCYL.

Video :

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    les grip de metallic gel jaune doit se fake assez bien par du spoko.

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    Je pense que c’est le genre de mod qui ne serait pas connu si son modder n’était pas lui même très connu.

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    Pars je pourrais fake ses grips ?

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