Namemory DC


Name :. Namemory DC

Creator :. iColor

– Length : ~20 cm

– Weight : Medium

–  Outsert : If you want.

– Link : Namemory DC (UPSB)

Difficulty : Easy

Stuff :

– 2 Dong_A ( Caps)
– 1 Namae Pen (Barrel)
– 2 Uniball Signo (Tips)
– 2 Monami Memory-S Highlighters (Caps)

Tutorial :

1- Keep only the necessary parts.

2- Cut the clip and the slim part of the cap (in this pic, the right of the cap)  :

3- Put M-S caps on Dong_A caps and push the signo tips inside (with some blue tack):

4- Cut the Namae tip (only the tip, or your mod will be too small) and put the caps on the body:

– Comment :
It’s a realy beautiful mod. The concept of this mod (a cap on another) could be more used. The twirling effect should be dope!

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    J’adore les mods sans grips =)

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