G3 Mx – Writable version

Featured picture : credit goes to Whizz

Name : Writable G3 Mx

Creator : whizz

Length : As a G3 Mx

Weight : A little bit more than G3 Mx

– Insert : Yes

– Link : G3 Mx rétractable (UPSB V3)

Dificulty : Medium

Stuff :

– 1 Pilot G3 ( Barrel, Tip, Cap )
– 1 Uni Laknock II / Uni Aqua Touch (pen) ( Grip, Tip, Spring, clicker )
– 1 SGM / Anyball / Profile ( Grip )
– 1 Uni Lakubo ( Inktube )
-1 HGG ( Inktube )

Tutorial :

1- Take apart your stuff.

2- Cut/shave down the margin underneath the button until the G3 cap slides freely over it. Optional: cut the nubs on the retractable part, there is no need for this. You can also cut near .1 cm of the inner part of it for better retracting.

3- Cut the front part off right underneath the margin as shown on the picture. Note: it’s much easier if the tip is on the Laknock barrel.

4- Assemble the tip and the button as shown on the picture.

5- Put your construction into G3 barrel. I don’t recommend you to push it farther than the original G3 backplug was. Recommended: add some superglue.

6- Cut .2-.3 of Laknock II grip and cut third part in longitidutal section of cutted part.

7- Cut/break the clip and shave down unnecessary part. Put the needed part of the grip inside the cap.

8- Assemble retractable part and the cap.

9- Add length to your inktube (use toothpick or connect 2 inktubes), flatten it in 2-2.5 cm off the front end. Bend the spring, slide it over your inktube.

10- Put all inside the G3 barrel, screw the tip on it

11- Slide 5 rings over the tip and 4 rings over the cap for the perfect balance.

12- Optional: put the insert into barrel or/and into the cap.

Comment :
Here is the writable version of the G3 Mx. The clicker structure is well thought!

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