Onyx Mod

Featured picture : credit goes to Onyx-07

Name : Onyx Mod

Creator : Onyx-o7

Length : As an RSVP mx

Weight : As an Mx²

– Insert  : Yes

– Link : Onyx Mod (UPSB v3)

Difficulty : Easy

Stuff :

– 1 HGG ( Barrel + Grip + Inktube )
– 1 RSVP ( Cap + Backcap + Grip )
– 1 Signo DX ( Tip )
– 1 SGM / Anyball / Profile ( Grip )

Tutorial :

1- Take off the RSVP grip and put it in the RSVP cap. Take off the HGG ink tube, grip, and tip which you don’t need. Screw off the signo tip for the pen. Cut off 3 cells of the profile (has to be the front, as you see at the pic. You’ll see why later)

2- Take a saw and cut off the crew part of the HGG, as you see in the picture.

3- Sand off the part where you cut the screw part. (Make sure you check everytime that the signo fit.) [Optional: you can put teflon on the sanded part, depends on you if the signo tip moves to much]

4- Take off the back plug of the HGG barrel, and put your insert. (Size: lenght, 8.5 cm height, 2.5 cm). Put teflon so the RSVP back screw part with the RSVP back cap with grip in it and screw. Make sure the back screw part is tight and doesn’t move.

5- Put your profile in the HGG barrel as you see in the pictures and same with the HGG grip, HGG ink tube, and signo tip.( Make sure your profile goes that way it does at the picture)

Comment :
If you are looking for a penmod between the RSVP MX and the MX², you can try to make the Onyx mod 🙂