FG3 mod

Featured picture : credit goes to Whizz

Name : FG3 mod

Creator : whizz
Length : 19cm
Weight : 17g
– Insert : Yes
– Weblink : FG3 Mod (UPSB v3)
Difficulty : Easy
Stuff :
– 4 Pilot G3 ( 4 Tips, 2 Caps, 1 Barrel, 1 Grip, 1 Inktube)
– 1 Anyball (Grip)
– 1 Airfit (grip)
Stuff cost : About 12$.
Tutorial :
1- Prepare materials.
2- Cut/enlarge your inktube and put it inside the body, put the tip on it. Add some tape to the back side of G3 body.
3- Prepare the caps: take the clips off, get rid of their holders, shave down the irregularities. Cut one of the caps in 4 cm.
4- Put 1 layer of tape on G3 tip. Put the excess inside the tip.
5- Put 2 tips inside the entire cap, then put G3 grip, add this cap to the back of G3 body, then put tip with tape inside shorter cap and add this cap to the front. That’s what you should get.
6- Add 2 little G3 grips to the front tip, then 2 stripes of Anyball grip over them; add much tape to both caps and 1 Anyball grip section to the back cap. That’s all!
1. You can put 3 G3 stripes of normal grip to the front cap to make it fit sturdy.
2. You can sub Anyball grip with anything you want: Pilot Super Grip, Zebra Jimnie, Uni Laknock, etc. It’s not really important.
3. You can also sub the tape on caps with any big silicone grips, for example Zebra Airfit, Pilot Dr. Grip, Tornado grip or anything like these. Looks nice imo:
Comment :
Looks like a nice reeder mod (made by tek).