Buhryan Mod

Name : Buhryan Mod

Creator : Buhryan

Length: 21cm

Weight: 17g

– Outsert : No

– Likn : Buhryan Mod (UPSB v3)

Difficulty : Long

Stuff :

– 1 Dong-A Computer Sign Pen ( Cap, Backplug )
– 2 Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip ( 2 Tips, 1 Grip )
– 1 Pilot Japanese Dr. Grip Shaker ( Grip )
– 1 Uni-Ball Signo ( Tip )
– 1 Crayola Supertip ( Barrel )
– 1 Pilot G3 ( Cap and Tip )
– 1 Sailor Innovation Gel /Gel Wave / Duraflash etc. ( Grip )
– 1 Pentel RSVP ( Inktube )

Tutorial :

1- Gather your pens.

2- Glue the signo tip and the hgg tip together (signo < hgg).

3- Cut the Sailor grip into sections;3 rings, 3 rings, 3 rings, and 2 rings..

4- Cut the Dr. grip from the front 2 cm and from the back 1 cm.

5- Put the 3 rings of sailors on then the 2 cm of Dr. Grip grip over comssa cap. Then you screw the hgg and signo to the comssa cap.

6- Get your g3 cap and put the g3 tip inside.

7- Then wrap the hgg grip with some paper.

8- Then slide the hgg grip over the comssa backplug. And then put tape on the backplug.

9- Now put your hgg grip into the g3 cap.

10- Put the 3 rings of sailor on first, then the 2 cm of dr. grip with the lip facing up, then put the 2 rings of sailors on.

11- Now you have finished the front and the back

12- Get your supertip body and cut off about 5 mm of the tip part.

13- Now screw on the hgg tip.

14- Get the RSVP inktube and cut off about 4 mm. Don’t cut too much or it will rattle. Then wrap some tape at the end

15- Add some tape to the very front of the rsvp inktube so that it is the same level with the rest of the inktube.

16- Put the end of the inktube into the comssa backplug.

17- Then put the the comssa backplug into the supertip body.

18- Finally put the comssa cap onto the front !

It takes a lot of pens to make this mod, but it’s really nice 🙂 Very efficient penmod.

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    Euh .. enfaite c’est un hybrid du minwoo et du Cyl en version light ^^

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    J’ai un Minwoo ST G3 mod, c’est quasi pareil donc..

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    huh. how’d that get there

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