Hybrid Geraser Mod

Featured picture : credit goes to Taeko

Name : Hybrid Geraser Mod

Creator : Taeko

Length: 20 cm

Weight: 16 g

– Insert : Yes

– Link : Hybrid Geraser Mod (FPSB)

Difficulty : Middle

Stuff :

– 1 HGG ( Barrel)
– 1 Superpirat ( Barrel)
– 1 Uniball Signo ( Tip)
– 1 RSVP ( Cap )
– 1 Supergrip clear / Dr.Grip ( Grip )
– 1 or 2 Sailor / Beifa / Gel Wave etc. ( Grip )
– 1 Pilot G2 ( Grip )

Tutorial :

1- We start with Superpirat barrel. Take the part that writes. You note there is a nib that comes out : 1 part of 4mm and an other part of 5mm. Remove the nib and cut he part of 4 mm ( the thinnest part). Cut from the white body, 5 cm. The picture is more explicit :

2- Then, screw Signo tip onto the blue part.

3- Remove printing on the body and put an oustert on 3.5 cm, leaving a 1cm from the opposite side of the tip. Put grip like the picture (proportions are to be respected, it’s better otherwise the mod will be unbalanced ^^).

With : 3  sailor rings < 7mm  of supergrip/dr grip grip < 3 sailor rings <  8mm of supergrip/ Dr.Grip grip <  3 sailor rings,  4mm de supergrip.

4- For the blue part on the front , you have cut 4 G2 ring, and 0.9 cm of  G2 smooth part. Put ring part into smooth part, like the picture :

5- Remove HGG backplug and put an insert in this pen. Observing you’ll find that on the tip of protruding plastic at the rear of HGG are 4 small grooves. File or disconnect with a cutter, then press the top part before worked.

6- Take The front of HGG, and remove tip and grip. Look at the picture to cut to the right place :

7- Put grips onto RSVP cap (file the clip or not, as you want ^^ ) : 0.8 cm of smooth part of G2, 1 sailor ring, and a  smooth part full of G2.

8- Push RSVP cap on the front of HGG body and you’re finished !


Comment :
Nice mod that combines the body of an HGG and an eraser :) . Good job from his creator ;)

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