Name : Grizzly

Creator : Nos635

Length : 20 cm

Weight : As a Waterfall mod

– Insert : Yes

– Link : Grizzly (FPSB)

Difficulty : Difficult

Pens :

– 1 Pilot Super Gel ( Cap )

– 1 Pilot G1 ( Tip )

– 1 Pentel HGG ( Barrel + Backcap + Inktube + Grip )

– 1 PaperMate Flexgrip Elite ( Tip )

– 1 Reynolds 081/090 ( Cap )

2 or 3 Anyball/SGM/Profile ( Grip: 20 stripes)

Tutorial :

1- Cut the clip then file the Super Gel cap until the cap is roughly round.

2- Cut the small bump that was under the clip

3- Insert the tip of G1 at the bottom of the cap.

4-Put the grips on the cap with 7 Anyball stripes and push them up to hide the tip of G1. We can add a streak of G2 also a matter of taste

5- Take the body of HGG, remove the cap, the tip and the grip (let’s inktube backcap and up).

6- Wrap about 30 cm of tape at the base of undergrip HGG.

7- Put 5 Anyball stripes above the part taped.

8- Put an insert in the body: remove the inktube HGG, then take the inktube Flexgrip, pass through the front of the body of HGG and push to remove backcap. Put the insert in the body, you may also have trouble. Put the inktube and backcap up.

9- Take the cap Reynolds 081/090 and push it to the tip Flexgrip Elite.

10- If you want, put 3 Anyball stripes above the base of the cap.

11- Add HGG grip.

12- Put 5 Anyball stripes above HGG grip.

13- Push the cap Reynolds 081/090 modded on the back of HGG. Add some regular tape in it’s too loose.

14- Put an insert in the cap:
Wrap an insert of 2.2 cm and about 2.8 cm wide just after the end of tape.
Note: You can put some colored tape around the tape to make the mod aesthetic.

15- Put SuperGel cap on the front of HGG body, normally it just sinks to the Anyball stripes


Comment :
Be careful, it is very dangerous. If you see a Grizzly, climb on a tree: it will give you a nice view over the landscape before it lulled the tree and eats you.

More seriously, the lenght is pretty good, all is beautiful even if you do not have photos available with an insert which to judge.

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    bon bah perso je le trouve pas beau du tout et le gripage bof bof..

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    La photo n’est qu’une suggestion de présentation. Si tu le fait, tu peux bien entendu l’améliorer au niveau de l’estéthisme.

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