Credit goes to Mot for the featured picture.


Name : Superbroad

Creator : Mot

Lenght : 21 cm

Weigth : 19 g

– Insert : Yes

– Link : Superbroad (FPSB)

Difficulty : Very long

Stuff :

– 1 Rsvp ( All parts)

– 1 Superb G ( Cap )

– 1 Flexgrip Ultra ( Tip )

– 1 Flexgrip Elite (Tip, Barrel )

– 1 Signo Broad ( Cap, Grip, Inktube )

– 1 SGM ( Grip )

– 1 G2 ( Back part )

Tutorial :

1- Take SuperbG cap and break the clip.

2- Take RSVP grip and Flexgrip ultra tip and push them in the cap (optional: put outsert between backcap and grip =) ).

3- Cut 0.8 cm of the front of RSVP body. Put insert and remove the inktube.

4- File the front of RSVP body as to make an NX MMT.

5- Cut 3.2 cm of G2 barrel from the thread.

6- Push G2 barrel +insert in the front of RSVP body.

7- Cut Signo Broad cap to 3 cm.

8- Cut 3 stripes of Flxgrip Ultra barrel.

9- Take Signo inktube, empty it, cut 2 cm of that and push this part in Flexgrip Elite tip.

10- Screw the 3 stripes of Flexgrip ultra on Flexgrip elite tip.

11- Take RSVP inktube empty and cut 5.5 cm f this part.

12- So you have surround the tape at the end of inktube your rsvp so it hangs in the ink of signo

13- Push the inktube of RSVP in one of signo.

14- After a bit of tape on your inktube Signo for her hangs in the RSVP.

15- Put grips on signo broad cap with Anyball

16- Place a slice of Broad signo grip in the cap side tip.

17- Put insert in the cap.

18- Put a turn of tape on the barrel of g2 and push oncap.

Comment :
Good stuff that makes mass but you should have already at least half stuff(I hope for you). Here, a mod with a super original design for a single cap.

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    Pas mal !… Mais ce doit être un massue non ?

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    sa depend ^^ je qualifirais le spin proche du firefly mais en vraiment single cap ^^

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    J’ai tout le matos..Sauf le courage pour le moddage xD

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