Clear Waterfall Mod

Credit goes to Vôre-Tèx for the featured picture

Name : Clear Waterfall Mod

Creator : Unknown

Length : 21cm

Weigth : 13-15g (depends how long your grips are)

– Insert / Oustert  : If you want

– Link : PSW

Modding : Easy

Pens :

– 1 Pilot Dr.Grip (grip)
– 2 Uniball Signo (tip)
– 2 Reynolds Pulpi’s (cap)
– 1 Reynolds Superlavable Crealo (body)

Tutorial :

1- Put Signo tip on Reynolds Pulpi’s cap. (x2)

2- Add Dr.Grip grip on caps.

3- Cut the front of the crealo, remove the inktube. Push out with a Signo inktube the backplug of the crealo

4-Put caps on both extremities of the body.

Comment :
The clear version of the famous waterfall mod. There are a infinity of colours for this mod, because you can put an insert in the body and an outsert on the caps (:

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    Je me le suis fait ce soir, quel coïncidence avec sa sortie sur PM.

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