PK G3 Mod (Love mod)

Credit goes to Peda for the featured picture.


Name : PK G3 Mod (Love mod)

Creator : Peda

Length : 21 cm

Weight : 18,5 g

– Insert : Yes

– Link : PK G3 Mod (FPSB)

Making : A bit hard

Pens list :
– 1 Pilot G3 (All parts, without backcap)
– 1 Hyperjell (cap + grip)
– 2 HGG (2 grips + 1 tip)
– 1 Faber Castell Grip Matic (tip)
– 1 Pilot G2 (front part)
– 1 Signo RT (grip)
– 2 Penwish ring
– 1 Signo Broad (grip: 0,4cm)
– 1 Anyball (grip: 2 ring)

Tutorial :

1- Take only G3 body. Remove the grip, file the littles squarres and cut just behind the bump. Put chatterton on the back for the cap.
2- Take G2 front part. Keep the part where was the grip. It should be 2.8 cm, if it’s more, file it. Then, file this part around until it is as wide as the front of G3 body.

3- Take G3 inktube. Put chatterton above this inktube like the picture .  Put chatterton too in the front of the inktube.

4- Put HGG grips in the front of G3 body. Peda’s method is this:

First HGG grip: Cut only the ring.

Second HGG grip: Mesure 2cm from the ring and cut
Wrap full of adhesive tape so that the G3 tip fits well. Put grips like on the picture:

5- Take Signo RT grip. Cut it starting at the widest part of 1.2 cm. Kepp then a part of 2.9 cm. Make you cuts grips if you want.

6- Take Hyperjell grip. Cut 2.8 cm from smooth part (unrounded). Cut 0.1cm of  Grip remaining. Keep the rest.

7- Take your grips. Put in first the smallest Signo RT grip. Then, a Penwish ring. Then, grip of 0.1cm. Then a Penwish ring. Then, Signo RT .Then, HGG ring and to finish, 2 stripes of Anyball.

8-Cut 0.7 cm of inktube G3 (G2 or if you have one). Take this end and stuck it in the HGG tip. Then put the tape on the end of inktube to keep it in Grip Matic tip .

9- Take your  Hyperjell cap. Remove the clip and file it. Turn the assembly step 8 in the cap. Put the grip of 2.8 cm Hyperjell in the Cap and the tip of 0.4 cm Signo Broad.

10- Put an insert into G3 body. Put hyperjell cap. You’re finished PK G3 mod 😉

Comment :
Maybe a mod difficult to make but the result is truly magnificent.

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    La ss me semble petite.
    Combien de cm?

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    Je dirais la taille d’un corps de G3 (la partie la plus grosse).

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