Thund3r Mx

Credit goes to Thund3r for the featured picture.


Name : Thund3r Mx

Creator : Thund3rcrash

Length : 19 cm

Weight : 14 g

Insert : Yes

Link : Thund3r Mx

Making : Difficult

Pens list :

1 RSVP ( Grip + Cap )
1 G2 ( Body + InkTube + Clicker)
1 SGM/Anyball/Profile ( Grip )
1 Com.ssa ( Cap ) ( Com.ssa cap = Dong-a Cap +Anyball grip + 1 HGG tip)
Tutorial :
1- Hollow the donga cap.
2- Screw the HGG tip on the part previously obtained, and glue  the second HGG tip on the first (using sticky tack). Fill sticky tack into this part, and add a piece of toothpick about 1.5 cm long.3- Cut the end of the large G2 clicker (about 1 mm is enough), and fill it to sticky tack. Connect the small part of the Cap of Com.Ssa the clicker with the toothpick (do not overfill the big clicker, little should be able to slide without any problem).

4- Enter the “system” in the cap of Dong.a, put grips on Dong_a cap.
5-Now take the body of G2 clicker side, and wrap a few strips of tape around the part and put two thin strips of Anyball grip  (see link).
6- Put cap on the thin part of G2, put inktube in the body, screw the part of G2 where there was the grip test and writing. Make some adjustments if necessary.
7- File the bump part, then insert the RSVP grip and put cap.
Comment :
A very nice mod Oo, with a good momentum, however  his Spinning area is quite small, which is its default.

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